Child Custody and Parentage ($295 *)

Create account and begin for free. Pay nothing until you are ready to print and file.

NOTE:  Select this option if you are not married, and have any children under the age of 18, have any dependent children over the age of 18 with a disability, or if you are expecting a child with your partner.

To file a Child Custody and Parentage case in the state of New Mexico, the child[ren] must live in the state of New Mexico. If the child[ren] does not live in New Mexico, we recommend that you consult a lawyer regarding your options.

What is Included:

  • Printable “Intake Forms” used to gather all necessary information needed to complete the process (see ‘Get Prepared Before You Begin’ below)
  • Completion of all documents for both parties (see ‘Sample Documents’ below)
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Live chat help during specified times
  • Parenting plan that specifies child-related agreements
  • Child financial support documents
  • PDF of final court-ready documents for signing and filing with instructions
  • AND…ability to make unlimited modifications to your documents – for no additional cost.

Get Prepared Before Your Begin:

Click-here to download the Child Custody Intake Form, which you may use as a guide to gather all necessary information prior to beginning the online process to create your court ready forms.

Sample Documents:

After you ‘Get Prepared’, you may ‘Start Your Process’ with the online interview process by clicking-on the ‘Start Now’ button above – registration is free and you do not pay until  you have completed the online interview and generate your court-ready forms.  Below are a sample of some of the forms that will be created.

Start Your Process:

When you have gathered all necessary information to get prepared (see link to the Child Custody Intake Form below), click-on the Start Now button.  Registration is required.  However, you will not be charged until you complete the online questionnaire and are ready to generate your court ready forms.

* The price for the type of case you select does not include court filing fees.  If your income is below a certain level, you may be entitled to a waiver of the filing fee. This is called “free process.”  Ask the clerk’s office at your local district court for more information about free process.