Response Flexibility

Response Flexibility in parenting terms is the parent’s ability to decide how to manage one’s feeling and thoughts when handling one’s child. Researcher and neuroscientist Dr. Allan Schore wrote, ” A person who most people would agree is delightful to be around has an optimal arousal… being full of life and warmth.” Optimal arousal is the way a person is , and his response to other people can be spoiled by being inappropriately over aroused or under aroused to the situation. When an individual is over aroused, this means getting anxious or angry over things that most people handle well. Underarousal means the king of emotional flatness that makes a person seem rather dull or boring. Everyone has an optimal window of arousal where the brains social engagement system and learning ability is working at it’s ideal levels. This optimal arousal presents as the ability to stay focused and learn something new, feel engaged with the material, feel connected, and have a empathetic conversation with someone when there is a mutual sense of feeling understood.


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This post is also available in: Spanish

This post is also available in: Spanish