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Separation hurts, divorce doesn't have to.

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questions of the divorce process.

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Do you need a lawyer
to get a divorce?

There is no law in New Mexico that says a person
must hire a lawyer to get a divorce. For many people,
it makes sense to hire a lawyer, but for others,
doing it themselves is a realistic option.

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Start your divorce online
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The process may be new to you, but not to our experts who know Divorce in New Mexico – providing you with clear online forms and instructions to easily navigate your case.


Keep it affordable and stay in the comfort of your own home. Follow simple step by step instructions to complete all of the necessary forms with instructions to file with the court.


Maintain peace of mind that you have access to legal consultation and mediation services from experienced and trusted attorneys if you need it – additional fees required.

How It Works – for a Divorce in New Mexico

Step 1:

Get Prepared

Create your account, review directions and gather the information required to complete each form.

Step 2:

Create Documents

Complete online questionnaire to build your document. Consult one of our Lawyers to seek advice during the process.

Step 3:

Print and File

Purchase, download and sign your document.  Instructions are provided to assist you with filing with Court.

Step 4 (Optional):

Consult a Lawyer

When your documents are completed, a legal expert is available to review your documents (for additional fee).

Purchase for $29.95 – and Receive a Free Consultation with a Lawyer who Understands New Mexico Family Law


This Guide will help you through your New Mexico divorce or custody case by providing general information about the process, what to expect, and tips for to help as you prepare for your day in court.

When you purchase this Guide, you will receive a free consultation with a lawyer who understands New Mexico Family Law through our partnership with the Family Law Resource Group. Purchase the Guide to get started today!

How much child support should you expect?


In New Mexico, child support is the financial contribution from the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent towards the expenses of raising the child. Generally child support expenses include the basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and medical care. You may use this calculator to determine the anticipated child support for your situation in just minutes. This calculator is provided to you at no cost, but registration is required.

On your own. But not alone. allows you to take control of your divorce in New Mexico by assisting you to craft a divorce, custody or child support agreement that fits your needs and budget. And at any time, you have the opportunity to consult an attorney about your case. on Good Day New Mexico

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